With presses ranging from 5 tonnes through to large CNC fully automatic presses that run continuously, Swift is one of Australia’s premier metal stamping suppliers. Manufacturing hundreds of thousands of components & press metal parts every month, Swift Metal has the breadth of experience and machinery to cater for almost any requirement.
While coil-fed pressing is a typical process in the industry, all of our machinery can process guillotined strip, pre-cut blanks or aluminium extrusions, as well as pick/place operations.
We take the utmost care of our client’s tooling, and each stamping tool is serial numbered. In addition, we provide routine tool maintenance to all clients as a complimentary service.




Up to 6mm mild steel
Up to 3mm stainless steel.
Up to 3000mm width

Manual Pick-&-Place
Flatbar fed
NC & CNC Automated
Strip & Coil fed
Up to 110 tonne
All materials in sheet, coil, flatbar or blanks.
Decoiling/straightening up to 5mm thick


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1800 626 525

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88 Oakes Rd, Griffith, NSW 2680, Australia

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