To complete our comprehensive turnkey metal manufacturing service, Swift Metal offers a range of coating and finishing options. Our experienced team can advise you of the most effective finish for your product.
We have a great working relationship with several finishing companies across the country, which means we receive fast and quality service that we are then able to pass onto our customers. Below is a list of finishes we offer and their pros and cons. 

Quality is paramount in everything we do, and the galvanising standard AS4680 is adhered to.


Powder Coating

Zinc Plating (Barrel & Jig)

Galvanizing | HDG


Rumbling | Vibratory deburring | Degreasing


Pro’s – Any colour, fairly durable.

Con’s – Needs protecting in transit, doesn’t last forever, can fade or go powdery.

Pro’s – looks sharp and clean. Silver, black or gold. Fairly cost-effective.

Con’s – Only available in 3 colours. Not long term corrosion protection. Can react against other materials like stainless. Shows up imperfections.

Pro’s – Very durable. +-30 years guarantee. Simple and cost-effective.

Con’s – Coarse appearance and feel. May need insulating from other metallic surfaces.

Pro’s – Removes carbon, eliminating rust in future. Leaves it with a uniform bleached grey colour.

Con’s – Does take away from the stainless look.

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The reason I work with Swift is that I will always get a competitive price, high quality products and excellent service.

Another advantage is that Swift understands our business and what we are trying to achieve. They have been working cooperatively with us to attain our goals, and have maintained an exceptional level of communication along the way.

Peter Glasson | Doric Products

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