How is Your Supply Chain Performing?

Better understand your results by using the metrics below. 

Score 0-20:
Your supply chain is high risk. Your internal operations could be severely disrupted. You need to look at ways you can improve this. Are you buying as well as you could be? Could you look at outsourcing some, or all of your production?

Score 20-40:
Your supply chain is hanging by a thread! Any disuptions will cause your entire supply chain to fall apart and your production will be badly impacted. What is the weakest link in your process, what can you do to improve it?

Score 40-60:
Your supply chain will do, but there is always room for improvement! Which part of your processes needs the most improvement? Take a step at a time, improve your buying power, try outsourcing the most complex part of your component.

Score 60-80:
Your supply chain is performing excellent, what works well for you? What isn’t working so well? Is there something you could be doing better? try documenting your producton process and identify opportunities for improvment .

Score 80-100:
Your supply chain is an example to other companies. What can you share? Are there any opportunities in your processes for innovation?

The information which you calculate from the Supply Chain Calculator is intended for use by you as a guide only, and has no legal effects.

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