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The Benefits of Repetition Fabrication

Updated: Jun 18

Repetition fabrication is a process of manufacturing steel components and products. Involving; cutting, bending and assembly of material and sub-assemblies.

Repetition metal fabrication is very effective in situations where prototypes are required. Also when changes to product features occurs after the component has already begun the manufacturing process. Using a trusted ‘Turnkey’ manufacturing supplier, who can offer the entire fabrication process, including; laser cutting, machining, forming, tapping, assembly and welding, is an effective way of reducing both production times and overall costs.

Benefits of Repetition Metal Fabrication

  • Repetition fabrication offers a number of production techniques in order to create value-added metal components. Customization of parts to suit individual requirements is then available.

  • Production lead-times can be significantly shorter.

  • Metal fabrication is a flexible process, changes and alterations to the product design are implemented easily and efficiently.

  • Laser cutting and auto-feed saws are time efficient techniques used to cut raw material.

  • Profiling and Forming Continued advances in multi-axis press brakes offers CNC programmable controls, computerized back gauging and rapid set-up. Therefore resulting in increased accuracy and consistency in the components manufactured.

  • Machining-Automatic lathes, CNC Machining and advances in machine tooling allow for efficient maintenance of tight tolerances.

  • Welding and Assembly – The assembly and welding of stamped, pressed, formed and machined parts. This is typically accompanied by a quality check for accuracy and alignment. Semi-automated and robotic welding processes provide a high degree of consistency and accuracy.

Using companies that have experience in stamped metal components and pressing as well as repetition fabrication proves to be a powerful process. Companies that can provide consultation and share experience on utilizing both stamping and fabrication in a single source are the key to the survival and overall prosperity of Australian manufacturing.

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