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Surface Finishing & Coatings

To complete our comprehensive ‘turn-key’ metal manufacturing service, Swift Metal offers a range of coating and finishing options. Our experienced team are able to advise you of the most effective finish for your product. Once the production of your components is complete we organize the coating. We then ship the parts to your store, assembled, plated and packaged according to your requirements.

We have a great working relationship with a number of finishing companies across the country. This means we receive fast and quality service which we are then able to pass onto our customers. We offer:

Hot Dip Galvanising:

Swift Metal Services Hot Dip Galvanised Metal Brackets & Components

Steel components or fabricated products are dipped into a tank or vat of molten zinc. HDG provides a very durable finish with high corrosion protection. Our team will assist with the design of your components to ensure the manufacturing allows for a high quality and cost effective galvanised finish.

Centrifuge Spin Galvanising:

Swift Metal Services Spin Galvanised Metal Components. Pressed metal parts.

Smaller & more intricate metal parts and components requiring a galvanised finish will need to be ‘spun’. This service prevents excess zinc from settling on the surface of the product which ensures the products are  burr free and have an even surface. Particularly used on threaded components or detailed parts such as clips.

Zinc Plating:

Swift Metal Services Zinc Plated Brackets and Components

We also offer rack & barrel zinc plating services. This is a thinner coating than galvanising, providing a finer finish. Zinc plating protects metal components from corrosion or rust. The zinc plating process comes in a variety of colours including; silver, gold & black. Each colour does not necessarily have the same corrosion protection properties. The Swift team will be able to assist you with the best option for your parts.

Powder Coating:


Provides a hard-wearing, aesthetically pleasing finish for all types and sizes of metal components as well as fabricated parts. Furthermore, is available in a huge range of colours.

Component Assembly. 

We can also provide a variety of other metal finishing processes, speak to the team today to discuss your requirements.