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Metal Punching and Piercing Processes

Quality punching & drilling services for a wide range of metals

As part of Swift Metal’s comprehensive service we also offer punching & drilling.

Metal Punching is a process that removes a scrap slug from a metal sheet or strip, each time a hardened punch enters the punching die. As a result the hole can be round, slotted or custom shaped to suit the particular application.

Features of the metal punching process include:

  • The ability to produce holes in both strip and sheet metal during medium or high production processes
  • The ability to produce holes of varying shapes, to a precise size and smoothness and with minimum burr.

Holes, slots or notches can also be created using Metal Piercing or Drilling. The key differences between piercing and punching are:

Metal piercing typically does not actually remove any material

  • The metal piercing process relies on plastic deformation to push or pierce a hole though the steel sheet or strip
  • This piercing technique can create a burr or deformed sharp edge on the lower side of the hole

Swift offer manual, automatic and CNC punching and drilling capabilities. We assess which of these capabilities best suits the requirement. Guaranteeing a flawless and economical end result.

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