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Sheet Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping.

A high quality & efficient service. The answer to your stamped metal component requirements.

With presses ranging from 5 tonnes capacity and up, as well as manual and automatic coil fed stamping lines, Swift is one of Australia’s premier metal stamping suppliers. Manufacturing 10’s of thousands of stamped metal components & press metal parts every month.

We are consistently making significant investments into research and development. As a result we are capable of stamping all types of metal componentry accurately, precisely quickly and cost-effectively.

Since attention to detail is an essential part in all our processes. We also take the utmost care of our client’s tooling and each stamping tool is serial numbered. In addition, we provide routine tool maintenance to all clients as a complimentary service.

We provide prompt quotations and fast and free into-store delivery. Consult the experts at Swift Metal today.

Get a better understanding of the craft of modern steel stamping. Read our Glossary of Stamping and Pressing Terms.

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