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High Quantity Laser Cutting

Swift Metal Services offers solutions in large volumes of laser cut components.

Because of our focus on high quantity runs of laser cutting, we are are in a position to provide a fast, efficient and effective service.

Furthermore, Swift Metal offers a complete manufacturing service, from advice with the initial design, the entire manufacturing process, right through to component assembly, coatings and free into store delivery anywhere in Australia. This means, that as well as supplying laser cutting of all types of steels in a huge variety of thicknesses, we have the ability for the pressing, bending, forming, welding and fabrication of your metal components. By taking care of the entire manufacture of your components, we help to reduce your need to outsource. In turn this reduces your project management costs and multiple freight times.

We can supply laser cutting services for high volumes of:

  • Mild steel components up to 25mm thick
  • All grades of stainless steel up to 25mm thick
  • Bisalloy up to 20mm
  • Aluminium up to 16mm

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