At Swift Metal we use a six step process to consistently provide
a complete end-to-end metal fabrication solution to all of our clients.

process - 1
process - 2
process - 3
process - 4
process - 5
process - 6


Our experienced team evaluate your concepts and suggest the most effective manufacturing solutions for your components. We consider your requirements; the function and expected production quantities for your product, as well as your budget so that we can recommend a commercially viable solution. We will recognize potential manufacturing challenges and identify the best way to move forward.


Our component specialists and draftspeople work with you to enhance and develop your concept using 3D design software. From there,  we thoroughly analyse your product development and establish the process for the production of your components.


In order to deliver components and assemblies according to exact specifications and time frames, our office and production teams work together to confirm every aspect of the procurement and manufacturing processes are communicated, understood and controlled through strategic planning and the exchange of information. Our complex ERP system can provide accurate up-to-the-minute job tracking and scheduled due dates. The program stores and records data and job history, meaning that we can ensure consistency of supply.


Quality surface finishing is vital to guarantee your product meets industry standards and survives in the environment. Our experienced team are able to advise you of the most effective finish for your product, taking into consideration the required longevity and aesthetical requirements.


We employ time- saving and accurate techniques for building multi-component assemblies. This guarantees efficient and precise assembly every time. Our manufacturing adhere to your specifications and requirements to produce high quality finished products, ready for final assembly or sale.


We want your products to reach their final destination safely. Our warehouse team works closely with the transport company to ensure a successful delivery every time. We can provide solutions for custom packaging and specialised transport.