Why Use Tree Surrounds?

  • Keeps grass away from tree trunk

  • Makes whipper-snipping easy

  • Stops weeds consuming water

  • Allows tree area to be cared for and watered

  • Makes the tree look better

  • Protects tree trunk and close roots from damage

  • Keeps Vehicles off roots

  • Can encourage others to respect the area

  • Assists with drainage

  • Allows soil moisture monitoring visually

  • Keeps pests visible

  • Allows for aeration if needed

Technical Description

  • Made from Duragal (Other materials available on request).

  • Steel pegs welded in position for ease of hammering.

  • Custom versions and additional sizes available on request

  • 75mm standard height

  • Sold in multiples of 5 as standard.

  • Gives a good edge to whipper snip against.

  • Allows for weed control to optimise water utilisation

  • Durable and long lasting.

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The reason I work with Swift is that I will always get a competitive price, high quality products and excellent service.

Another advantage is that Swift understands our business and what we are trying to achieve. They have been working cooperatively with us to attain our goals, and have maintained an exceptional level of communication along the way.

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