Why Swift Metal?

Find out why leading Australian manufacturers trust us to deliver

Component Consultancy

We guide you from concept and design, through to creation and delivery.


We provide you a single source of supply for a range of component manufacturing.

Fast and Cost Effective

We design, create and deliver your components in house which streamlines both time.

Fully Managed

We support you with all aspects of inventory management and tool management.

Looking to simplify your supply chain?

Find out why leading Australian manufacturers trust us to deliver


Component Consultancy

We partner with our clients from the very early stages of product development to advise on best production methods to ensure that the production cost of the components produced is as low as possible. The tolerances and fit-for-purpose requirements can make a significant difference in deciding which manufacturing method will be best placed to produce an item. In some cases, it is more cost-effective to produce multiple parts from a single tool and if the components are designed this way from the outset, then the cost savings can be realised. Similar savings can be achieved through reviewing material finishes and the fitment requirement for mating parts to ensure design failure is kept to a minimum. With non-ferrous materials such as aluminium, copper and stainless steel, the scrap cost can be a significant factor in the overall component cost, so it is essential to take this into account in the early stages.

Multi-discipline Facility

Swift Metal offers a single source of supply with a wide range of component manufacturing services. Whether you require laser cutting, metal pressing, welding, bending, drilling, forming, machining, tooling, rolling or assembly, Swift can provide a complete solution. From raw material through to zinc plating, galvanising, and powder coating, you can rely on Swift to take care of the detail. Our clients benefit through being able to rationalise their supply chain to a single proven supplier that has the facility and the expertise to provide a complete solution minimising wasted transit and handling time and mitigating the risk of damage or loss.

Tooling Management

Client tooling, in particular press tooling, is best stored in the facility where the work is done. Swift maintains an extensive tooling register of client tools that are stored securely in our manufacturing premises. Tools are subject to wear and tear and replacement tools are quoted individually as required. All tools require maintenance to keep them in good working order and Swift undertakes this work on your behalf to maximise the life of the tool and also to ensure the uniformity of the components produced. This is a key aspect of a component supply partner and Swift provide this tooling management and maintenance service at no charge to our valued clients.

Inventory Management

Our clients look for ways to reduce their inventory stock holding and maximise their cash utilisation. Swift can assist through implementing an agreed inventory management plan where forecasts are provided to cover the production of stock which is then held in our warehouse and supplied in accordance with the agreed forecast and reviewed monthly to ensure maximum financial flexibility for our clients. This has the additional benefit of de-risking against warehouse damage or loss in the event of a disaster and is a key driver in the achievement of agreed DIFOT performance metrics.

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