Metal Pressing
Heavy forming of 20mm plate
Bullbar aerial bracket from 304 stainless steel
Curved stainless angle bracket with nutsert
Shelf bracket with slot hook
Aluminium extrusion. Cut, pressed and powdercoated
Folded & countersunk stainless steel
Pressed roller door hub
Complex folded component, gavanised
Copper stamped, formed, assembled and tin plated
Machined break-off bolt
Studded Gripper
Pressed zinc plated component
Steel, formed & zinc plated
Stainless steel channel with formed outlet
Electrical component, pressed phosphorus bronze
Specialised forming
CNC machined components
Stainless steel punched and tapped
Metal Pressing
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The reason I work with Swift is that I will always get a competitive price, high quality products and excellent service.

Another advantage is that Swift understands our business and what we are trying to achieve. They have been working cooperatively with us to attain our goals, and have maintained an exceptional level of communication along the way.

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Steel, formed & zinc plated