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Swift Metal is a family owned company and we take pride in developing a diverse, close-knit and highly motivated team.

We regard our team as our greatest asset, and as such we put in a concerted effort to create an environment that brings out the best in our people.

As we are involved in every stage of the design, manufacturing and supply chain, we are always looking for new talent in both skilled workers and apprentices. Both permanent and casual opportunities arise from time to time.

If you are a team player with an eye for detail, exceptional communication skills and a can-do attitude, we are interested in hearing from you.

Contact us via the form on this page and attach your CV, or call us to find out what career opportunities are currently available.


At swift we are always looking for experienced and reliable staff with an exceptional commitment. Although we are not hiring at the moment we’d love to hear from you.


I'm really glad I got the opportunity to improve my welding and metal working skills. I had the basic techniques for it, that made it a bit easier to get started and learn faster. There was a good atmosphere in the team always helping each other out. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and teaching me a lot more than just the basics. I've definitely improved my skills working at Swift Metal Services. Fred -Belgium.
The work at Swift was a great experience for me. My background as a Mechanical Engineer and my good artisanal skills gave me fundamentals for metal works. I had never bent or pressed metal before, but with the help and explanations from the friendly colleagues I was able to improve my skills very quickly and was capable to set up some of the jobs independently. I really liked the excellent organized and tidy workshop at Swift. Thank you for the opportunity to work for Swift and everything I learned at your company. Timm - Germany
From day one I felt welcome at swift. I had no previous experience working with metal, but everyone was very patient with me and helped me develop skills I didn't even know I had. I had the chance to work with an amazing team and some of the guys have been elevated from being mere colleagues to being good mates. Working at swift I always felt my hard work was appreciated and I stayed for the full six months allowed on my working holiday visa. I even plan to return for an other six months once my second year visa is granted. I can say without a doubt that working at swift was the best job I have ever had. Timo, Belgium