Turnkey Opportunities

Turnkey manufacturing is when the entire supply chain process is carried out by one supplier. We have abroad range of specialist machinery that enables us to manufacture nearly any component, and a network of coating & surface treatment suppliers to ensure that your components are manufactured and delivered in the most efficient manner possible.
This benefits our clients in the following ways:
1. The entire process is streamlined. Having to communicate with multiple companies, and trying to get multiple companies to liaise with each other can be time consuming and inefficient.
2. Significant reductions to production times. All communication and coordination are streamlined and contained within one team at one company.
3. Opportunities for design improvements. At Swift, we regularly suggest changes to the design of components to improve efficiency or quality, and being a turnkey supplier gives us a holistic view of all the factors that need to be considered.
4. Reliability. Every member of the team is working toward the same goal — getting your project completed successfully. This ensures quality in all aspects of a project rather than the variance in quality that is inevitable when working with several different suppliers.