The Benefits of Partnering with a customer focused Manufacturer

As a customer, it is not difficult to spot an inconsistency between a company’s customer service promises and the culture they actually encounter.  Companies don’t set out to treat customers badly, but a default combination of poor training, and lack of positive culture may result in clients receiving a poor service.

On the other hand, manufacturing businesses that are aware of the result training and culture can have on the customer experience can consciously work to dependably provide a satisfying and positive partnership.

The benefits of dealing with a manufacturing company who are focused on reliably and consistently delivering an outstanding customer experience are set out below:

  1. Value: A company that values their employees will always provide a more rewarding experience for the customers. Valued employees will value their customers. Every point of contact that you have with your manufacturer will be positive. The people you are dealing with should regard you as a business partner or associate, both working towards a common goal. Rather than the supplier to the customer, one serving the other.
  2. Accuracy: Manufacturers who provide strict training procedures for their employees in the importance of accuracy provide a more stable, dependable service to their clients. Accuracy in communication;  a record of each point of contact is saved against the client; so at any point in the manufacturing cycle, confirmation of important specifications or tolerances is available. Therefore, reducing the risk of incorrect or poor fitting components. Accuracy in lead-times and deliverability; Correct, achievable lead-times provide customers with reassurance on the delivery of their goods.
  3. After Sale Service: A manufacturer who continues their outstanding customer experience level throughout the entire buying process and after the transaction has been completed. This means that the customer is treated with the same respect and curtesy at all points of the process, providing trouble-shooting, help with installation and questions regarding the delivery of items.

Partnering with a contract manufacturing company who provide a customer focused culture and work to consistently improve the buying process proves to be highly beneficial to Australian companies. Employees effectively work together to deliver this experience and offer strategic alliances to achieve the customers goals and exceed expectations.

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