Swift Metal Lean Manufacturing & the 5S

Lean Manufacturing at Swift Metal

Lean Manufacturing is a system developed to educate people about process efficiency. A culture is instilled in the Swift Metal team, driving towards an overall growth strategy in flexibility, quality assurance, transparency, standardisation, empowering teams and encouraging continuous improvement. As a result, this improves our efficiency by reducing wasted effort and focusing on value-adding activity.

5S at Swift Metal

Additionally, 5S training is the driving force for any organisational change.  As well as providing a clean, organised and highly efficient working environment. The Swift Metal team is trained in this, hence helping to encourage continuous improvement.

The 5S Steps are:

1. Sort – elimination of unnecessary work items.

2. Set in Order – efficient & effective storage systems

3. Shine – cleaning requirements & systems

4. Standardize – the establishment of best practice as a standard process

5. Sustain – strategy development to sustain best practice into routine

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