Swift innovation provides significant cost savings for manufacturers

A Successful Case Study 

As part of our manufacturing service, we offer a free evaluation of components, often resulting in opportunities for improvements, both from a design perspective and potential cost reduction.

We were engaged to manufacture cooling fans for pump motors, as our client was looking for a reliable supplier following the offshoring of the incumbent supplier. Keeping manufacturing in Australia was important to our client in order to maintain quality and control over lead times.

One of the components we were tasked with was a multi-component radial fan assembly which had a pressed fan rotor brazed to a machined boss. This was a very time-consuming operation which resulted in an unacceptable failure rate, and considerable secondary operations to re-form the rotor due to heat distortion in the brazing process.

It was in everybody’s interest to find a better way. The Swift team got together & proposed a new method, whereby the rotor was swaged on to the boss, and then spot welded using special custom made electrodes. Samples were manufactured and approved by our client, and the new production method commenced.

The result?

18% saving on the part price

36% saving in production time

Zero failures in 10 years of manufacturing to the new design.

As leading-edge manufacturers, we work with our customers to design & improve componentry every day. With an accumulated total of over 400 years of design and manufacturing experience, you can be confident that your components will be designed to be as cost cost-effective as possible while maintaining the quality and functionality you need. With a blend of in-house manufacturing experience and technology, including lean principles, we work to understand the end-use of your componentry to ensure maximum value to you.


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