Is Your Contract Metal Manufacturer Right For You?

As your OEM (original equipment manufacturing) company develops and expands, it is healthy to start considering your supply chain process and the effectiveness of your contract metal manufacturer. Do you need a higher quality component than what you are currently receiving? Do you have a healthy, trusting relationship with your current supplier? Are they able to meet all your fabrication requirements? Would it be beneficial to use a turnkey component manufacturer, and get all your contract manufacturing done under the one roof?

You need to ensure you are outsourcing to a company who is helping to drive your business forward and is working as a partner in your supply chain. Your supplier needs to be able to manage their own risk and work with you to meet your goals.

Consider the following points, is your contract manufacturer right for you?

Your Metal Manufacturer has an Effective Quality Control Process in Place.

When you are supplied with a faulty component or poor-quality parts it has a huge impact on business processes. A good quality control process would involve the inspection of all parts for defects and the sign-off from experienced team members. The team would be empowered to focus on continual improvement and actively looking for ways to better the production methods and therefore increase the quality of your components.

Your Contract Manufacturer is Active in Developing Cost & Time Saving Opportunities

Contract Manufactures have experience in the development of metal components and are confident of the most effective and efficient methods of production. You should be able to rely on your partner to provide cost saving opportunities and guidance as to the best way to manufacture your parts. A turnkey manufacturer will be able to assist you with the initial design of your components. Making the best use of material and utilizing the most efficient machinery.

Your Supplier Meets All of Your Metal Manufacturing Needs

There are many benefits of partnering with one turnkey manufacturer rather than dealing with any number of suppliers. Your partnership with a single manufacturing company is stronger and healthier than liaising with multiple companies. Your partner must offer a comprehensive list of services to meet your needs; From initial component design and discussion and consolidated material sourcing and pricing. Through to the entire fabrication process, coating and finishing, welding and assembly, and finally packaging and free-into-store freight.

Finally, your supplier should be open and flexible to help you succeed. They must be able to adapt to changing conditions. Your Contract Metal Manufacturer needs to be more than just a supplier; They should be your business partner. They should be willing to share information and ideas. contributing to the continual growth and improvement of your OEM company.

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