5 Things You Should Discuss With Your Metal Parts Manufacturer

When you are ordering metal parts from an external manufacturer it is important to remember that the reputation and principals of your own company is dependent on the contract manufacturing companies ability to meet deadlines and produce quality components. There are a number of points you should discuss with your metal parts manufacturer.

It is vital to your company standing that you have an understanding with the external manufacturing company. Ensuring they are capable to produce your metal parts according to your specifications and quality standards. You also need to know that they are willing, and have the production space to produce the components in the agreed time-frame.

Swift Metal Services is a turnkey manufacturing company. Because of our experience in dealing with customers and meeting their needs, we have come up with the following 5 points to assist you:

  1. Tolerances: Assess whether your tolerances are important. Can the Metal Parts Manufacturer meet your tolerances? When producing large volumes of components, each part may need to fit within a specific tolerance range. Failure to meet this could result in badly fitting components, reducing the quality of the final product.
  2. Material: The material choice is one of the largest factors in the manufacture of custom parts. The material chosen should be able to withstand the conditions in which the final product will be.
  3. Finishing & Coating: Does the metal parts manufacturer also offer services in part finishing or coating? As well as the material chosen, the finish or coating of a component directly affects the life-span of the complete product.
  4. Production Method: How are the parts manufactured? Manufacturing techniques are constantly developing and changing. Many tasks that were once done by hand are now done by automated machinery. Discuss with your custom parts manufacturer, what method are they using? Will the parts be of high quality, a consistent standard and in an effective time frame?
  5. Lead-time: How fast can the manufacturer produce your order? Using a contract manufacturer is an effective way of reducing your own production time-frames, but can the external company meet your lead-times? Find out the benefits of using a turnkey manufacturing company here.

Understanding your external metal component manufacturing company, and trusting them to produce your components cost-effectively and to a high standard, is the most important way of ensuring you are meeting your own company obligations.

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