316 Stainless Steel Unique Rain Covers

Swift Metal manufactured these covers for an existing building to ensure that critical HVAC services were protected from wind, rain, and pests. We were able to work with the building maintenance contractor to develop the ideal design. After the consultation, 316 stainless steel was used, which was painted on-site to match existing décor. The initial design would have required substantial investment in specialised tooling. With some minimal changes, Swift Metal was able to manufacture these covers without any tooling cost, due to our extensive inventory of tooling. Once sealed to the existing structure, these will provide a weatherproof solution for years to come! Understand more about Swift Metal’s in-house tool making process HERE

With an accumulated total of over 400 years of design and manufacturing experience, you can be confident that your components will be designed to be as cost cost-effective as possible while maintaining the quality and functionality you need. With a blend of in-house manufacturing experience and technology, including lean principles, we work to understand the end-use of your componentry to ensure maximum value to you.

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