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Shims & Spacers

Swift Metal Services have enlarged their range shims and spacers. A thin strip of metal for driving into crevices, such as machine parts or flanges to compensate for irregularities or wear. These can also be inserted under bedplates or mounting pads in order to level equipment or machinery. Typically used in order to support, adjust for better fit, or provide a level surface.

Swift offer a comprehensive range of stainless steel, brass, copper and mild steel shims, in a large range of sizes and configurations. They can be profiled to suit specific design requirements and have locating holes included.

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Pressed Metal Pump Base

Pump bases From Swift Metal Services 

Swift Metal Services have recently expanded their range of pressed metal fabrications to include custom made pump bases. Pressed Pump bases can be stamped from mild steel  ready for painting or hot dip galvanized steel (as pictured) for high corrosion resistence. For maximum durability, Swift can press these bases from stainless steel, in any thickness, depending on the application.

With state of the art metal pressing machinery, and the experience & industry knowledge available at Swift, these pressed  Bases are accurate, efficient, consistent, and always supplied on time. A range of options are available, including mounting holes and slots to suit multiple pump configurations, fasteners, coatings & associated pipe bracketry.

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Metal Pressing in Australia

Is it more cost-effective long term to obtain pressed metal components and parts in Australia or from off shore?

One of Australia’s leading Metal Pressing companies, Swift Metal Services advises local manufacturers to explore all avenues in Australia before taking the manufacture of pressed metal components offshore. Short to medium runs of metal components, pressed steel parts and stamped componentry, can be produced in Australia on automated machinery for similar nett costs, with greater accuracy, consistent quality and vastly shorter lead times, than some imported components.

Australian and New Zealand manufacturers need to consider the complete cost cycle when using imported parts. Hidden costs that may not be considered include; exchange rate fluctuations, international payment charges, freight including road freight from wharf to customer, import duties, customs clearance charges, additional warehousing expenses and increased inventory required to ensure imported parts on inevitable long lead times do not adversely impact production.

Then there is the problem if the parts arrive faulty. Many companies that have trialed importing components from countries with lower labour costs than Australia have had the inevitable batch of faulty parts typically after 2 or 3 shipments of good components.

Established Australian manufacturers such as Swift, provide a 3-way guarantee called DIFOTIS. Which is interpreted Delivered In Full On Time In Specification. The secret is using qualified trades personal, LEAN manufacturing techniques combined with on-going training and investment in technologically advanced machinery. The attached photo illustrates some of the pressed metal components produced in Australia by Swift Metal Services.

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