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Swift Metal Services is a 2nd generation contract metal manufacturing company, offering a complete supply solution to Australian manufacturers and the construction industry. Our highly energised people are committed to our clients and finding the solution to their needs.

Our commitment to serving the industry has led to ongoing supply partnerships in almost every manufacturing & construction sector; from mining to medical, electrical, HVAC, rail & road, aerospace & defence. This is a broad endorsement of our capabilities, and our ability to perform on critical requirements.


Swift Metal offers comprehensive metal manufacturing services across Australia. We provide solutions in metal bending, pressing, stamping, jig-welding, repetition fabrication, component manufacturing.

Our goal is to relieve our customers from the hassles and high costs of maintaining fabrication equipment and technicians in-house. We produce a wide variety of components, ranging from complex welded assemblies to small pressed components and brackets. With an accumulated total of over 400 years of design and manufacturing experience we are uniquely positioned to support your operations.

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We partner with our clients from the very early stages of product development to ensure that the production cost … WHY CHOOSE SWIFT

Swift Metal offers a single source of supply with a wide range of component manufacturing services. Whether you require… WHY CHOOSE SWIFT

Client toolings are best stored in the facility. Swift maintains an extensive tooling register of client tools that are…WHY CHOOSE SWIFT

Our clients look for ways to reduce their inventory stock and maximise their cash utilisation. Swift can assist through… WHY CHOOSE SWIFT

We partner with our clients from the very early stages of product development to ensure that the production cost … WHY CHOOSE SWIFT

All of our component consultants have started their career on the shop floor, and can answer your questions competently with the collective support… WHY CHOOSE SWIFT


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