Welding & Component Assembly Service in Australia

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Welded Component Australia
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Welded Component Assembly
Component Assembly Service
Welded Support Bracket
Assembled Component
Welded and Plated Hinge Component
Formed Threaded Stud with Plates and Tabs Welded in Position, Galvanized after Fabrication
Welded Dowel onto Mild Steel Plates, Corners Linished

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Swift offer a complete welding and component assembly service.

The in house welding division of Swift Metal complements our component production, in accordance with our goal to provide a complete component solution. With many years of welding experience, Swift has the technology and the know-how to provide the highest quality welded assemblies.

Swift Metal can cut, tap, profile and bend components which then can be welded using MIG welding (Also known as GMAW), TIG welding (Also known as GTAW) and/or brazing, or a combination of these welding processes. Welded components can be produced from mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper. Combinations of these parts can then be assembled or welded into a finished component or saleable product.

Swift’s long standing expertise in the areas of repetitive manufacturing and high speed production of custom components, has resulted in significant investment in latest technology welding equipment and automated welding methods. Investment in premium welding machines combined with training of personnel ensures the optimum, best practice welding techniques are employed for each and welded fabrication.

Swift’s consistency and reliability in providing high quality welded modules has lead to the supply of components and assemblies to fields as diverse and demanding as; electrical switchgear, roller doors, pump components and medical equipment.

All Swift Metal parts, welded components and completed assemblies, are covered by the Swift DIFOTIS guarantee (Delivery In Full On Time In Spec) This ensures your product or welded parts are assembled expertly and arrive at your factory or directly, at your customers warehouse, correct each and every time.

For further information on how Swift can assist you in saving money and hassles by assembling components, packaging your parts and delivering directly to your customer, please contact Swift Metal