Pipe Supports Pipe Cradles

Swift Metal fabricate pipe supports & pipe cradles.

Swift Metal Services manufactures the Anchorage range of pipe supports and pipe cradles. This section of Swift Metal Services has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years. We have invested in the latest technology tube, bar and angle forming machinery. We have also increased our repetition fabrication capacity. As a result, this has placed Swift at the forefront of the pipeline industry’s supply of quality pipe saddles, pipe shoes and pipe cradles. 

There has been a rapid expansion in Australia’s oil, gas and energy sectors.

Swift has the expertise and high-tech machinery to fabricate large quantities of custom brackets, pipe cradles and saddles. Swift profiles supports from a number of materials suited to the application and customer requirements. These include stainless steel and mild steel. Galvanizing or Powder-coating is also an option. Insulation material such as Neoprene or Teflon can also be supplied if required.

Twin saddle and even triple saddle pipe supports and adjustable height pipe stands are at the premium end of Swift’s range. However the most common pipe supports manufactured by Swift, are simple pipe saddles with a base plate configuration.

Swift’s adjustable pipe stands are popular in areas where levels are difficult to ascertain. The pipework can be installed at a temporary height and the pipe supports adjusted to the correct level.

In conclusion, Swift can create a pipe support system to cater for every application. From small tube saddles 20mm diameter through to large pipe bases supporting 2 metre diameter pipes.

So, if you have a short run of pipework or kilometres of pipeline to install, contact Australia’s leading manufacturer of pipe supports and pipe saddles to discuss your specific needs:
Ph 1800 626 525.
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