Steel Brackets & Component Manufacturing

Stainless machined part with collar
Welded assembly
Mild steel drilled and bent component
Mild steel tapped component
Assembled pressed components
Mild steel punched plate
Thread rolled components
16mm Mild steel laser cut lug
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Steel brackets, component consultants & design support

Swift Metal Services is a multi discipline manufacturing facility that specialises in quantity component production, with capacity to produce hundreds of thousands of metal components and brackets down to production runs of only 20.

We provide:

  • Component design – we will assist to design your metal components in the most production-cost efficient manner.
  • Metal stamping, pressing & forming – Swift has a fully equipped modern press shop to manufacture meatl components from special washers, custom fasteners through to lock components, automotive parts and steel brackets.
  • Laser cutting & profiling – we offer laser cutting in mild steel, stainless & aluminum.
  • Repetition fabrication – Production based fabrication including punching, cutting, bending, forming, flattening, tapping, thread rolling and drilling. Thread rolling – a full range of threaded components in mild steel and stainless with sizes ranging from, M6 through to M48 and imperial equivalents.
  • Machining – Repetition machined components including CNC components in all materials.
  • Welding & assembly – Swift can supply your parts welded into both sub assemblies or a completed assembly. Our aim is to offer complete component solutions. We can supply your product fully assembled, including surface finishing and packaging if required.

Swift Metal Services can manufacture custom made steel brackets and plates for different industries and applications. This includes; multi-stage steel components, steel handrail brackets, angle brackets, support brackets, and many more which are all manufactured in our factories from quality Australian made steel and can be delivered Australia wide.

Please contact us to discuss your metal component requirements in more detail. Our Component Consultants are committed to working with individual clients to optimize all aspects of the component production process. All Sales staff have practical workshop experience, understand engineering and are ready to assist in all your requirements including steel brackets, and threaded and formed components. Phone a metal component consultant: 1800 626 525